CNC machines as well as conventional machinery able to cover a wide range of applications. We can turn parts as large as 68"in diameter of as small as 1/8", and shafts 18" in diameter to 236" in length.

A few of our products that we manufacture are:

• Guide roller, distance roller, support roller, and sluice flap assemblies
• Beams – movable and stationary, large scoops, lime breakers
• Tight fitting bolts, wear ring segments, dust seal bonnets
• High temperature stainless steel nozzles and burners
• Nozzles for water injection
• Screw housing, hi-temp stainless steel flaps
• Bronze brake shoes, oil scrapers, oil elevators
• Hammer shafts, large chain sprockets
• Cranks, split rings
• Large eyebolts, connecting rods
• Pivot bearing
• Lugs for set screws
• Thrust pads and thrust rings
• Clamping rings and many more

Equipped to weld bronze, aluminum, steel, cast iron, and stainless steel. Fabrication of parts such as burners, sluice flaps, feeding screw housing, beams, inspection doors, lamella conveyers, etc.

Pump Repairs
Water, paper, pulp, and slur pumps.